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Jim Supples

Real Estate Marketing Consultant -

What Jim's Clients Say...

I have had dealt with a number of real estate professionals over the years through various sales and purchases, and no one has gone to bat for me like Jim Supples. My significant other can attest to his patience with us through all our crazy demands, emotional highs and lows, and ever-changing needs, along with his persitence to find us a great home, and his first-class treatment of us as clients. 

Jim is a one-of-a-kind agent who truly cares. He got to know us as people, not just clients, and that's what sets him apart among his peers.

If you need someone you can trust, who is motivated by your best interest, not commission, then look no further than Jim Supples!

- Steve Pantazis

We spent a few months looking for houses, finally we just closed the escrow a few days ago. I am a first-time home buyer, so we have a lot of questions and concerns and etc.. Jim is not only our real estate agent, but also a teacher and freind. I am really happy with the home Jim found for us and feel very grateful for all the time and effort him spent.
He is very professional and has a lot of knowledge and experience on houses. We made a great deal on this house, when we first submitted the offer on the house, there was another offer on the table, but seller accept our offer without countering us back! We have gone through a few counter offers before, I don't like that at all, which made the accepted offer so amazing, and exciting when we got it!!!

We went through the inspection, there were a few places needed to be fixed (they are not big problems at all), Jim managed to negotiate with them a very good result, the seller agrees to fix all the problem, in addition, seller gave us the amount of credit we asked for. We were so happy about it!!!

- Kate and Steven Hoang 

If you expect a lot from a real-estate agent, then Jim Supples is the one for you. If you’re looking for someone who knows what they’re doing, and who puts serving you at the top of their list, then Jim’s your guy. I usually select agents through personal recommendations. But in the area of distressed properties, I had none. So I felt I was taking a chance when I called Jim off of his flyer. But what caught my eye on the flyer were the credentials – He said he specialized in distressed properties. And he backed up that claim with a long list of certifications and awards. So I took a chance and gave him a call. And that’s where the other part of my experience began – The part that can’t really be put onto a flyer, namely his dedication to impeccable customer service. On that first phone call, we talked for no less than 2-3 hours. The entire time, Jim was calm, reassuring, and informative. Not once did I feel he was pushing our conversation to a close. Instead, he quickly began to put me at ease, through a methodical review of my situation. We continued the conversation the next morning, when he agreed to meet me for breakfast. After finishing our meal, we spent literally half the day at the table, which was largely my doing - I fired off a relentless litany of questions about every possible angle and nuance of my situation, having never been through a short sale before. But Jim’s level of patience with me was nothing short of amazing. He was always steady and reassuring and composed. Also, I can't remember a single question where he didn't have a ready and knowledgeable answer for me. At the same time, he didn't sugar-coat my situation with false hopes, and I never felt like I was being “sold”. His answers were honest, straightforward, and matter-of-fact, which was exactly what I needed at the time. And this is how our relationship would continue over the next few months. Our contact was frequent enough for me to know he was always engaged with my sale. Yet he didn’t pull me into frivolous ramblings, either. Every call was direct and to the point, with a purpose, which demonstrated his respect of my time.

I won't say the experience was easy on either of us. Short sales, trustee sales, and foreclosures are complicated situations which can be nothing short of brutal. But in the end, Jim got me all the way through the process to a successful sale. And I couldn’t have been happier or more relieved by the results. I offer my highest recommendation on Jim, and I trust he will be able to provide the same level of service to you, in your own situation.

- Guy Hanks

Jim is an outstanding Realtor! He is knowledgeable, responsible, courteous and relaxed. We needed a Realtor to help us navigate the ins and outs of the market and how to make the most of our money since we were first time home buyers.

Jim helped buy our wonderful home in San Marcos. We truly enjoyed the area and the home was perfect for us. Jim paid close attention to our needs so ended up buying something we really liked and were very happy long term. Jim is also well connected so we were able to get great references from him for some home improvement projects. The guys who installed our tile floors were excellent. It is very nice to know someone so well liked and connected in his industry.

We enjoyed working with Jim so much that when it was time sell our home years later we called him again. He went above and beyond his responsibilities to help sell our house. He gave us great tips on how to make our house look good for showings. Jim also gave us prompt feedback so we could make necessary changes allowing our house to sell within a reasonable amount of time.

Jim was always happy to answer our many questions, which helped keep our anxiety level down. Buying and/or selling a home is big deal and it is a long process. I am glad we had someone so nice and knowledgeable by our side helping us in every step of the way. We recommend Jim Supples wholeheartedly. 

- Patricia & Rob Clark

I found Jim as I was preparing to do a short sale of my home.  Jim came recommended as he had experience in this area of real estate.  Jim did everything to help me out and made the sad process of selling my home, one of relief. He was always there to answer my questions, do showings of the house and give solid advice throughout the process. Instead of having a foreclosure on my home, I was able to sell to a nice family and keep my integrity.

I feel like Jim is a friend for life and I would recommend him to anyone in need of a Realtor.  Jim is a dedicated, organized and honest person. He listens and works hard for your success and will be there the entire way through. 

- Sarah Sharp


After my husband passed away suddenly I fell behind with my mortgage payments. A friend recommended Jim Supples. Right from his first visit it was obvious how knowledgeable, dedicated and helpful he is.

I took for granted the house would have to go into foreclosure, but Jim explained the meaning of short sale. He knew I didn't have a clue about these things so he explained every step in detail. The short sale went through without a hitch. This started off as the most stressful part of my life, but I soon felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I would without a doubt recommend Jim Supples.
- Patricia Simpson


Jim was excellent to work with. He helped my parents purchase their first home and is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. Most realtors will lose contact with you once the transaction is done but not with Jim. He stays in contact and he would drop by with cookies on his free time just to see if we're doing ok. He sends us cards and wishes us happy birthday just cause. I would recommend Jim to anyone buying or selling their home. He is fantastic!
- Judy San

We purchased our first home in 1998 from Jim Supples. We were excited but kept changing our minds because we thought we couldn't afford a home and decided maybe we should wait and save more money. We had changed our minds again set up a meeting with Jim one evening to review our entire contract. He reviewed every item on the contract which and helped ease our minds and we decided to sign the contract and purchase the townhouse.

Overall the Jim made our first home buying experience educational and easy. When we do decide to purchase a larger home we will definitely use Jim Supples again and recommend him to anyone interested in a great agent.

- Kelly & Mike Davis

As a first time buyer, Jim really educated us about buying our home. I immediately built trust with him and when we decided to purchase our home, he was with us every step of the process. Jim anticipated what we were looking for and provided us with detailed information and made our decisions easy.

What we really appreciate has been the service after sale that he has provided us. He has followed up with us and made sure we are satisfied with our purchase. With a growing family, we feel comfortable having Jim as our agent for our future needs. He is a sales professional that we completely trust and who has our best interests in mind.

- Kelly and John Williams

To Anyone Searching for a Realtor:

It is with pleasure that I write this letter for Jim Supples, who served as a Realtor when I and my wife tried to sell my house in the summer of 1999. From the beginning, Jim was very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I've dealt with quite a few Realtors in the past, but I've never met one who paid so much attention-to-detail, and who prepared thorough, informational marketing materials like Jim did. In particular, Jim was very creative in marketing my house in various ways, which included the Internet web page ad. with colorful picture of the house, in addition to the traditional hard copy ad. materials. 

I strongly recommend Jim with the knowledge that he had provided me and my wife with knowledgeable and innovative services that resulted in selling the house in time.

- Paul & Min C. Yu


Jim has assisted me with purchasing one property and selling two other homes. Jim is a true dedicated professional and his many years of experience are evident from day one to closing. He is extremely patient with the million questions that arise from the buying & selling process.

I'm especially grateful for the great marketing materials he created and his assistance in staging my homes for the very quick sales that followed. Jim facilitates the escrow process for clients to minimize any anxieties that commonly occur since he has experience with those issues too. I've known him to personally and physically assist sellers with painting, handyman projects, etc. to save the sellers money in making the final sale a smoother process. If he can't do it personally, he knows someone who can and for a great value.

I have the utmost respect for Jim's strong work ethic which is very rare these days. Jim naturally promotes good karma and is a kind human being which is why I believe he devotes so much time to his clients, and in my opinion, deserves that same mutual respect in return.  

Jim stays in touch with me and continues to provide me with helpful home ownership advice. Per my request, Jim sends me property alerts on a regular basis regarding the market activity in my area. In this current market, these property comparisons are important to me. I appreciate Jim's friendship and everything he has done for my daughter and I. You will love the level of customer service.

- Abby Corona

We were SO pleased with the efforts of Jim Supples in getting our home sold, and saving us from foreclosure. This was a very difficult time in our lives, and Jim understood, and did his best to help out of a bad situation. Jim went above and beyond to make sure our home made it through the Short Sale process, minimizing stress of my family, and treating us with respect.  

He's kept on top of the escrow, and even when things were tough, he knew exactly what to do. If you are in need of professional Real Estate agent, we can highly recommend Jim Supples with RE/MAX United!


Jim Supples did an outstanding job in selling our home in Bernardo Heights. I was not able to be there after we moved out, but Jim took over the entire process. He was there every step of the way, helped us in prepping to move from one home to the next, staging the home for sale, arranged and met with contractors. He helped us prep our house, found an affordable painter, contractors to replace the carpet and make some repairs. He even did some minor repairs for me to. He's an angel and really didn't need to do those things, but he did them anyway.

During the inspection, the buyers wanted a bunch of items repaired, and Jim took care of all of those details. We had to find a roofing contractor, and a plumber to fix some stuff the buyers wanted. Jim arranged and met with all of the contractors while I was settling into my new home in Pasadena. We could not have done it without him. Moving is a stressful time, but we were lucky to have found him.

He put together a great brochure, did open houses, and we got offers almost immediately. When we got offers, Jim helped us negotiate the best price, and we sold it for the highest price sold for our model. Couldn't have been happier with that. Highly recommend Jim and RE/MAX United.

- Mary Woodford

We fell behind in our payments, and couldn't afford to keep our home. We were recommended by a friend to Jim Supples who specializes in avoiding foreclosure. We were clueless on how to do a short sale, and almost let it go to auction. Jim was able to step in and save us from ourselves. SO HAPPY we found him. He was able to negotiate with both of our lenders a short sale, found a buyer who didn't flake out. We didn't have to pay anything at closing, and actually got money back from a short sale program told us about. $3000 is not a lot of money, but when you don't have any, it's a blessing.

Jim really earned his money on this sale. What we really like about Jim was his availability. My wife and I worked nights, and slept turn the day. Jim made a point to work around our schedule with showings, and getting all that paperwork back and forth to the banks for the short sale. He invested a lot of time in us, and we're truly grateful for all of Jim's efforts. Hopefully we will be using him in the future on our next home.

- The Williams Family

I needed to short sell my house and wanted to do so quickly. Jim was instrumental in vetting potential buyers and I felt like he was really working to make sure any deal we entered would happen. It did, and the house sold very quickly!

Jim's also involved in hunting down scammers who repost home sale listings as rental properties and then request deposits via Western Union and the like. I liked that he stayed on top of that and when scammers posted my house for rent on Craigslist, Jim went after them with gusto to make them regret listing the property as theirs. I really liked this additional service; even though it didn't help me it certainly helped the folks who might otherwise have fallen for the scam.

- Tom Plunkett

I decided to move to Florida after living in San Diego for over 30 years. I had not sold a home before, and I had a friend refer Jim Supples from RE/MAX United. I had many questions about selling my home, and Jim was extremely patient with me. He answered all my questions, and really knows the process of selling homes. He made it clear that I could call anytime, and I'd say 90% of the time, he answered the phone. Or when I called and left a voice mail, he called right back. I really appreciated that level of personal service.

He really took great care of me.  In addition to listing my home, he helped me find some people to make some repairs to my home, had my home pre-inspected, helped me stage the home, and he made some great suggestions on how he was going to market my home and get the top dollar.

Two other agents had suggested that I list my home for $435,000, and the other for $450,000. When I told Jim, his jaw dropped. He showed me a detailed market analysis, and said that the market would bring up to $490,000 to $500,000. When all the work was done, and the house was staged, Jim listed the house. In a few days, we had a dozen showings, 3 offers, and the final selling price was $500,000 as he had predicted. I was in shock, and very happy that I didn't listen to the other 2 agents.

In addition to listing and selling my home, he helped me organize an garage sale. He advertised the sale, put up signs, and helped me sell a lot of my junk so I didn't have to move it to Florida. He also recommended a company that would come and conduct an estate sale for the big items.

He did so many things besides selling my home, and really made this stressful process less stressful, and a success! If you're looking for someone that will go the extra mile, I can highly recommend Jim. He did a great job for me!

- Ruth Harth

We were having difficulty paying our mortgage. My husband had lost his job, and we could no longer afford to keep the house in San Marcos.  Now the bank was coming to take the house that we’d lived in for 8 years.  It was heartbreaking.  I was referred to Jim Supples with RE/MAX United by a friend that had a similar situation.  He came to our home, and spent several hours explaining all of our options to help us avoid losing the house at an auction, and being kicked out.  First, Jim had helped apply to get a loan modification with the bank.  After about 5 months, Bank of America denied the loan modification because my husband had lost his job, we just couldn’t qualify. 

So Jim then helped us do a short sale.  It took a while longer, as Jim predicted, but that was perfectly ok for us.  It gave us more time to save up a little money so we could find a new place to live.  He was great at answering our questions, even at 9pm on a Sunday.  He made time for us, and really helped us through this difficult time in our lives.  One thing about short sales, they’re not short.  And I feel bad for all the hours Jim put in working with the Bank of America to get them to accept an offer.  They're just awful!  It took about 4 months, and I suspect he was underpaid for all of the time he put into negotiating with the banks just to this deal work.  In the end, we completed the short sale, avoided the foreclosure and avoided having to go into bankruptcy, and saved our credit.  He also was able to get us some assistance money to help us move. It was a terrible time in our lives, but Jim did would he could, with compassion for us, and now we’re on our way back.  Having sold the house, our finances are better, and we owe a great deal of this to Jim for making it happen for us.  Hopefully in another year or so, we can buy another home, and Jim Supples will be the one for us.  Thank you so much Jim!

- J Moedano